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In Isolation

A Compilation Of Modern Contact Juggling

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In Isolation is a DVD about contact juggling.
Contact juggling covers various aspects of object manipulation.
It can be any manipulation where an object moves around the body.
It can be any manipulation where the body moves around an object.
Combining these two styles can give the appearance that the object has a mind of its own.

The DVD has two main sections.
First is footage of contact jugglers working with various objects.

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The second section is the teaching section.
Jago and I have been teaching contact juggling for many years.
Over that time we've found ways to help people quickly grasp how to develop their skills.
In this section we try to get over the fundamental essence of the skills involved.

The section is broken down into four areas.

The first is Rolling
Rolling explains the concept of horizontal and vertical movement of the ball.
We make a distinction between "moving under the ball" where the ball rolls but you move through space,
and "ball rolling" where you stay still and the ball rolls through space.
We demonstrate these ideas with moves like palm rolls and arm rolls.
We look at "lifts" and show a simple techinque to learn butterflies.
We show how these techniques can be transferred to other objects.

The second is Stalls.
A stall is when the ball is stopped mid roll.
Stalls rely on balance, they can be done anywhere on the body.
We demonstrate a few common stalls on fingers, fist, prayer position, inside and back of arm.

The third section is Palm Spinning.
Palm spinning focuses on rotating a ball or balls in the palm of the hand.
We look at different ways of working with one, two, three and four balls in each hand.
We explore working with balls in both hands to create hypnotic effects.

The fourth section is Isolations.
This section shows many ways in which balls can be isolated when palm spinning.
We look at one ball isolations, both when the ball is held and during rolling.
The section ends with a look at how isolations can work with other objects.

The Trailer

In isolation was reviewed by Kaskade the European circus magazine.

In Isolation DVD review

Gabi Keast Writes...
"There are lots of reasons to get excited about this DVD.
The aesthetic shots of stunningly beautiful countryside and the fascinatingly lit stage performances
(congratulations to the lighting engineers) are a feast for the eyes, just as the well-chosen,
mostly meditative background music is a feast for the ears.
This is also the backdrop for 16 of the best contact jugglers performing today,
who demonstrate their skills in long sequences varying from open air to stage settings.
As you would expect, acrylic balls feature prominently,
but we also get to see some highly original sequences with hoops, clubs, cigar boxes and poles.
A workshop in pictures with English “subtitles” provides a detailed explanation of the basic moves of contact juggling.
Interviews with the artists themselves open our eyes to what lies beyond what we have seen.

This is a “how-to” DVD for beginners, a pool of ideas for advanced jugglers,
and a nice relaxing evening in front of the telly for couch potatoes."