Handmade Hoops by Peachysteve

The Collapsible Hoop

 The collapsible hoop is great for those who want to hoop in far flung places.

 I make these hoops with a connector which can be undone so the hoop can be coiled around once or twice (depending on diameter and tubing size)

 You can see here how that affects the size of the hoop

Coiled Hoops

 Some people prefer to twist the hoop into a figure of eight and then fold it down but this puts more strain on the hoop so is not recommended.

 The hoop comes supplied with an Allen key and internal bolt to secure the hoop when open.

 If you buy one of my travel hoops you'll usually receive it in coiled form.

 Once you've unwrapped it you need to find the flush bolt

Flush Bolt

 Use the Allen key to remove the bolt

Allen Key Removing Bolt

 Once you have removed the bolt...

Remove Bolt

 You can either unfold the hoop or pull the hoop open.
 Never try to fold or unfold the hoop while the bolt is secured.

Open Hoop

 You can then reconnect the hoop and rescure the bolt.