Handmade Hoops by Peachysteve

25mm One and Two Colour Hoops

One Colour

Choose any colour from Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Teal and Fluorescent Pink, Orange, Yellow or Green.


Black Hoop


Blue Hoop


Green Hoop


Orange Hoop


Pink Hoop


Purple Hoop


Red Hoop


Teal Hoop


White Hoop


Yellow Hoop

Two Colour

Choose any two colours from Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Teal and Fluorescent Pink, Orange, Yellow or Green.

Black and Blue

Black and Blue Hoop

Black and DarkBlue

Black and DarkBlue Hoop

Black and Green

Black and Green Hoop

Black and Orange

Black and Orange Hoop

Black and Pink

Black and Pink Hoop

Black and Purple

Black and Purple Hoop

Black and Red

Black and Red Hoop

Black and Teal

Black and Teal Hoop

Black and White

Black and White Hoop

Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow Hoop

Blue and Black

Blue and Black Hoop

Blue and Burgundy

Blue and Burgundy Hoop

Blue and DarkBlue

Blue and DarkBlue Hoop

Blue and Green

Blue and Green Hoop

Blue and Navy Blue

Blue and Navy Blue Hoop

Blue and Orange

Blue and Orange Hoop

Blue and Pink

Blue and Pink Hoop

Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple Hoop

Blue and Red

Blue and Red Hoop

Blue and Teal

Blue and Teal Hoop

Blue and White

Blue and White Hoop

Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow Hoop

Green and Black

Green and Black Hoop

Green and Blue

Green and Blue Hoop

Green and Orange

Green and Orange Hoop

Green and Pink

Green and Pink Hoop

Green and Purple

Green and Purple Hoop

Green and Red

Green and Red Hoop

Green and Teal

Green and Teal Hoop

Green and White

Green and White Hoop

Green and Yellow

Green and Yellow Hoop

Orange and Black

Orange and Black Hoop

Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue Hoop

Orange and Green

Orange and Green Hoop

Orange and Pink

Orange and Pink Hoop

Orange and Purple

Orange and Purple Hoop

Orange and Red

Orange and Red Hoop

Orange and Teal

Orange and Teal Hoop

Orange and White

Orange and White Hoop

Orange and Yellow

Orange and Yellow Hoop

Pink and Black

Pink and Black Hoop

Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue Hoop

Pink and Green

Pink and Green Hoop

Pink and Orange

Pink and Orange Hoop

Pink and Purple

Pink and Purple Hoop

Pink and Red

Pink and Red Hoop

Pink and Teal

Pink and Teal Hoop

Pink and White

Pink and White Hoop

Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow Hoop

Purple and Black

Purple and Black Hoop

Purple and Blue

Purple and Blue Hoop

Purple and Green

Purple and Green Hoop

Purple and Olive

Purple and Olive Hoop

Purple and Orange

Purple and Orange Hoop

Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink Hoop

Purple and Red

Purple and Red Hoop

Purple and Teal

Purple and Teal Hoop

Purple and White

Purple and White Hoop

Purple and Yellow

Purple and Yellow Hoop

Red and Black

Red and Black Hoop

Red and Blue

Red and Blue Hoop

Red and Green

Red and Green Hoop

Red and Orange

Red and Orange Hoop

Red and Pink

Red and Pink Hoop

Red and Purple

Red and Purple Hoop

Red and Teal

Red and Teal Hoop

Red and White

Red and White Hoop

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow Hoop

Teal and Black

Teal and Black Hoop

Teal and Blue

Teal and Blue Hoop

Teal and Green

Teal and Green Hoop

Teal and Orange

Teal and Orange Hoop

Teal and Pink

Teal and Pink Hoop

Teal and Purple

Teal and Purple Hoop

Teal and Red

Teal and Red Hoop

Teal and White

Teal and White Hoop

Teal and Yellow

Teal and Yellow Hoop

Yellow and Black

Yellow and Black Hoop

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue Hoop

Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green Hoop

Yellow and Orange

Yellow and Orange Hoop

Yellow and Pink

Yellow and Pink Hoop

Yellow and Purple

Yellow and Purple Hoop

Yellow and Red

Yellow and Red Hoop

Yellow and Teal

Yellow and Teal Hoop

Yellow and White

Yellow and White Hoop