Handmade Hoops by Peachysteve

25mm Four Stripe with Glitter Hoops

Choose a glitter base layer from Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Raspberry, Fluorescent Pink or Fluorescent Green
Add two colours from Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Teal and fluorescent Pink, Orange, Yellow or Green.
Here are images of hoops I've made in this design.
There are many more possible combinations.

Black, Blue and PurpleGlitter

Black, Blue and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Blue and RedGlitter

Black, Blue and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Blue and SilverGlitter

Black, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Green and PurpleGlitter

Black, Green and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Green and RedGlitter

Black, Green and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Green and SilverGlitter

Black, Green and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Orange and PurpleGlitter

Black, Orange and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Orange and RedGlitter

Black, Orange and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Orange and SilverGlitter

Black, Orange and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Pink and PurpleGlitter

Black, Pink and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Pink and RedGlitter

Black, Pink and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Pink and SilverGlitter

Black, Pink and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Purple and PurpleGlitter

Black, Purple and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Purple and RedGlitter

Black, Purple and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Purple and SilverGlitter

Black, Purple and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Red and BlueGlitter

Black, Red and BlueGlitter Hoop

Black, Red and PurpleGlitter

Black, Red and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Red and RedGlitter

Black, Red and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Red and SilverGlitter

Black, Red and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Teal and PurpleGlitter

Black, Teal and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Teal and RedGlitter

Black, Teal and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Teal and SilverGlitter

Black, Teal and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, White and RaspberryGlitter

Black, White and RaspberryGlitter Hoop

Black, White and RedGlitter

Black, White and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, White and SilverGlitter

Black, White and SilverGlitter Hoop

Black, Yellow and PurpleGlitter

Black, Yellow and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Black, Yellow and RedGlitter

Black, Yellow and RedGlitter Hoop

Black, Yellow and SilverGlitter

Black, Yellow and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Black and BlueGlitter

Blue, Black and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Black and GreenGlitter

Blue, Black and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Black and SilverGlitter

Blue, Black and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Green and BlueGlitter

Blue, Green and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Green and GreenGlitter

Blue, Green and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Green and SilverGlitter

Blue, Green and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Orange and BlueGlitter

Blue, Orange and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Orange and GreenGlitter

Blue, Orange and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Orange and SilverGlitter

Blue, Orange and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Pink and BlueGlitter

Blue, Pink and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Pink and GreenGlitter

Blue, Pink and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Pink and SilverGlitter

Blue, Pink and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Purple and GreenGlitter

Blue, Purple and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Purple and SilverGlitter

Blue, Purple and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Red and BlueGlitter

Blue, Red and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Red and GreenGlitter

Blue, Red and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Red and SilverGlitter

Blue, Red and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Teal and BlueGlitter

Blue, Teal and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Teal and GreenGlitter

Blue, Teal and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Teal and SilverGlitter

Blue, Teal and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, White and BlueGlitter

Blue, White and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, White and GreenGlitter

Blue, White and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, White and SilverGlitter

Blue, White and SilverGlitter Hoop

Blue, Yellow and BlueGlitter

Blue, Yellow and BlueGlitter Hoop

Blue, Yellow and GreenGlitter

Blue, Yellow and GreenGlitter Hoop

Blue, Yellow and SilverGlitter

Blue, Yellow and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Black and PurpleGlitter

Green, Black and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, Black and RedGlitter

Green, Black and RedGlitter Hoop

Green, Black and SilverGlitter

Green, Black and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Blue and BlueGlitter

Green, Blue and BlueGlitter Hoop

Green, Blue and PurpleGlitter

Green, Blue and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, Blue and SilverGlitter

Green, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Orange and RaspberryGlitter

Green, Orange and RaspberryGlitter Hoop

Green, Orange and SilverGlitter

Green, Orange and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Pink and PurpleGlitter

Green, Pink and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, Pink and SilverGlitter

Green, Pink and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Purple and PurpleGlitter

Green, Purple and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, Purple and SilverGlitter

Green, Purple and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Red and PurpleGlitter

Green, Red and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, Red and SilverGlitter

Green, Red and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Teal and RaspberryGlitter

Green, Teal and RaspberryGlitter Hoop

Green, Teal and SilverGlitter

Green, Teal and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, White and PurpleGlitter

Green, White and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, White and SilverGlitter

Green, White and SilverGlitter Hoop

Green, Yellow and PurpleGlitter

Green, Yellow and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Green, Yellow and SilverGlitter

Green, Yellow and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Black and PurpleGlitter

Orange, Black and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Orange, Black and SilverGlitter

Orange, Black and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Blue and SilverGlitter

Orange, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Green and SilverGlitter

Orange, Green and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Pink and SilverGlitter

Orange, Pink and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Purple and PurpleGlitter

Orange, Purple and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Orange, Purple and SilverGlitter

Orange, Purple and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Red and SilverGlitter

Orange, Red and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Teal and SilverGlitter

Orange, Teal and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, White and SilverGlitter

Orange, White and SilverGlitter Hoop

Orange, Yellow and BlueGlitter

Orange, Yellow and BlueGlitter Hoop

Orange, Yellow and SilverGlitter

Orange, Yellow and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Black and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Black and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Black and SilverGlitter

Pink, Black and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Blue and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Blue and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Blue and SilverGlitter

Pink, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Green and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Green and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Green and SilverGlitter

Pink, Green and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Orange and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Orange and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Orange and SilverGlitter

Pink, Orange and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Purple and GreenGlitter

Pink, Purple and GreenGlitter Hoop

Pink, Purple and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Purple and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Purple and SilverGlitter

Pink, Purple and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Red and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Red and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Red and SilverGlitter

Pink, Red and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Teal and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Teal and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Teal and SilverGlitter

Pink, Teal and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, White and PurpleGlitter

Pink, White and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, White and SilverGlitter

Pink, White and SilverGlitter Hoop

Pink, Yellow and PurpleGlitter

Pink, Yellow and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Pink, Yellow and SilverGlitter

Pink, Yellow and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Black and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Black and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Black and SilverGlitter

Purple, Black and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Blue and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Blue and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Blue and SilverGlitter

Purple, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Green and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Green and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Green and SilverGlitter

Purple, Green and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Orange and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Orange and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Orange and SilverGlitter

Purple, Orange and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Pink and GoldGlitter

Purple, Pink and GoldGlitter Hoop

Purple, Pink and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Pink and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Pink and SilverGlitter

Purple, Pink and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Red and BlueGlitter

Purple, Red and BlueGlitter Hoop

Purple, Red and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Red and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Red and SilverGlitter

Purple, Red and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Teal and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Teal and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Teal and SilverGlitter

Purple, Teal and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, White and PurpleGlitter

Purple, White and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, White and SilverGlitter

Purple, White and SilverGlitter Hoop

Purple, Yellow and PurpleGlitter

Purple, Yellow and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Purple, Yellow and SilverGlitter

Purple, Yellow and SilverGlitter Hoop

Red, Black and BlueGlitter

Red, Black and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Blue and BlueGlitter

Red, Blue and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Blue and SilverGlitter

Red, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

Red, Green and BlueGlitter

Red, Green and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Orange and BlueGlitter

Red, Orange and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Pink and BlueGlitter

Red, Pink and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Purple and BlueGlitter

Red, Purple and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Teal and BlueGlitter

Red, Teal and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, White and BlueGlitter

Red, White and BlueGlitter Hoop

Red, Yellow and BlueGlitter

Red, Yellow and BlueGlitter Hoop

Teal, Purple and PurpleGlitter

Teal, Purple and PurpleGlitter Hoop

Teal, White and BlueGlitter

Teal, White and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Black and BlueGlitter

White, Black and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Black and GreenGlitter

White, Black and GreenGlitter Hoop

White, Black and PurpleGlitter

White, Black and PurpleGlitter Hoop

White, Black and RedGlitter

White, Black and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Blue and BlueGlitter

White, Blue and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Blue and RedGlitter

White, Blue and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Blue and SilverGlitter

White, Blue and SilverGlitter Hoop

White, Green and BlueGlitter

White, Green and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Green and RedGlitter

White, Green and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Orange and BlueGlitter

White, Orange and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Orange and RedGlitter

White, Orange and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Pink and BlueGlitter

White, Pink and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Pink and RedGlitter

White, Pink and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Purple and BlueGlitter

White, Purple and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Purple and RedGlitter

White, Purple and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Red and BlueGlitter

White, Red and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Red and RedGlitter

White, Red and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Teal and BlueGlitter

White, Teal and BlueGlitter Hoop

White, Teal and RedGlitter

White, Teal and RedGlitter Hoop

White, Yellow and RedGlitter

White, Yellow and RedGlitter Hoop

Yellow, Pink and BlueGlitter

Yellow, Pink and BlueGlitter Hoop